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Nikita Middleton

Nikita Middleton began her career in public relations in 2009. She wrote her first book “An Unexpected Love” in 2004, but didn’t publish it until 2016. In 2009, she decided to try her hand at public relations to try and promote herself as a publicist. She was also dating a rapper at the time who wasn’t getting the attention he deserved. Nikita decided to take him on as her first client and from there SoaManagement PR was born. She also started her very own podcast on blogtalkradio she called it Soambitious Radio. She interviewed celebs such as the cast of LHHATL, Syleena Johnson, Brian Angel, Tiffany Davis and many more. She received a B.S. in Marketing from Fayetteville State University in 1999. Nikita has represented World M.O.B. Entertainment, Big Jigg. She’s also starting a Meningitis Foundation a disease that claimed the life of her eldest sister. In 2018, she re-branded her company and changed the name from Soamanagement PR to Eason Public Relations.